Thursday, 27 April 2017


Hi there #glowfam!

The #hotness series is still on and boy are Cameroonians on fire!!! 💣💣💣

So you all already know how hot our artists are...but here we have a few who made our list of #hottest in the game!

Michael Kiessou

He is cool, fun, and cute all at the same time! We love some Michael Kiessou right here👌

We call Him Numerica! Anything he wears suits him just right, but in suits, dashing is the word!

Yes we are going to use his artist name, Dynastie Le Tigre!
Some people have natural swag, he is one of those!

Stanley Enow A.K.A #kingkong needs no introduction! His social media presence is awesome. So please Check him out on instagram,facebook, and twitter! And yes he made our list, and if we make this list again, he will still be on it!


Talk about some #new generation hotness!!! #AfricanQueen!👍


What else can we say? She's hot and she knows it!!! 💣💣💣

OBI KATE AKA TOKEE LALA may be the hottest one yet! wait until you watch her new music video coming soon 😉👌

So we didn't know which one to choose so all three please!!! The #Rythmz duo and  Mr Leo ooze hotness ! Have you watched #madamtoutlemonde? it's our favorite music video yet!!

Blanche B. looks like and African goddess 😍😍😍

ASKIA just had to be on this list! Are you kidding me?! Every time you see her, she is always at the top of her game! Last Christmas she was the cutest Santa yet!!!

EWUBE is baaackkkk!!! And she is here to stayyyy!!! She is a gorgeous piece of art 😊😊😍

We would love for you to share with us your very own list of hottest Cameroonian artist! eel free to add a comment 😉

Stay tuned for the next HOTTEST IN THE GAME feature-what category will it be on???

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Serena Williams Flaunts Her Growing Baby Bump

Tennis female icon Serena Williams is expecting her first child with fiancé Alex Ohanian who is Reddit cofounder.


Hi there #glowfam!

Today is our second article on our series HOTTEST IN THE GAME  and our focus is on #237 men in fashion.

How is Cameroon not at the top of the list for the hottest men ???

This right here is enough hotness for the whole year... all in one place!!!

Here are those who made the list👇👇👇

Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Heyyy #glowfam!

We are so happy to inform you all that we can finally begin our HOTTEST IN THE GAME series before April runs out!!!

First up will be the hottest mom's you'll ever meet, who will change the saying from "orange is the new black" to "mom is the new sexy" 😉

There are definitely more than 4 hot moms in Cameroon ...but we wanted to select a few so here are those who made our list.

Check'em outttt!!!

Nathalie K. 

This beautiful mom who just had her baby a few months back is the definition of perfection! 

Lydia Epangue W.

Fashion blogger/ stylist and business lady + mom of one handsome little boy!

Her baby bump photos gave us life every single time! #flawless

Constance BK

This Cameroonian artist is one hot mama of two gorgeous girls! She stuns every time ! We just love this photo with her husband 😍

Naomi Achu

Award winning singer/rapper and mom Naomi, stands out from the crowd anytime any day!

There's too much beauty in Cameroon, and we feel like it's not being shared enough for the world to see!

Please do share with us some of the hot 237 moms you know!... let us all let the world know!!!

Stay tuned for the next HOTTEST IN THE GAME feature-what category will it be on???

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Hi #glowfam!

We have been dancing since this month began because o all teh love and support you continue to show us!!!

Here is a selection of some of our favorite new hits! Hope you like it and please don't enjoy alone...share!

#team237 is taking over for real!!!

Here goooos!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Connect with us and stay tuned for more exciting stuff coming up this week!

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Miss Africa Cameroon-Kossinda Angèle to the conquest of African beauty

Hi #glowfam!

Now here is a #beautyqueen we are proud to share on our platform!

In 2016 at the prestigious beauty contest Miss Cameroon, the world discovered the sweet face of this pretty flower in the comica beauty garden.
Sacred Miss Cameroon Littoral 2016 and at just 24 years old, Kossinda Angèle is already a beauty queen who is the pride of Africa in miniature. She is a native of the extreme north of Cameroon and a student in the 2nd year of Banking and Finance. She is like the modern woman: active, sensitive to her environment and engaged.
In addition, thanks to her beauty, her intelligence and her talent, she was selected last February to defend the colors of Cameroon at the prestigious Miss Global Heritage contest (international beauty contest whose objective is the promotion of cultures in all their diversities ) Which brought together nearly 60 beauty from around the world. The indomitable lioness of beauty made it to the top 15 of that highly popular beauty contest.
 Kossinda Angèle, is a woman's  that combines charm, commitment and intelligence.
If she leads several fights, the one that is most important to her is the fight for the use of natural raw materials. More than a top model, Angèle is a militant resolutely committed to promoting the use of organic and African products, which makes her a true "Africanizing" accomplished. Woman with a big heart and atypical beauty that reflects the charm of the diversity of Cameroon.
Kossinda Angèle will defend the green red yellow once again at the prestigious contest which sits on top of African beauty, Miss Africa continent which will take place from May 5th to 20th, 2017 in Rwanda. It is in a fighting spirit that she is preparing.
To this end, she has already met designers such as Yves tchinda, Nuvi Créative and many other creators recognized on the continent as defenders of African value through their art. Kossinda Angèle, a queen of beauty to follow. All its news on its facebook page Miss Cameroon littoral.
Shout out to @rmb ibow for the gorgeous makeup!
Keep glowing and flying high ma belle!!!
Stay tuned...we got you!
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Monday, 10 April 2017


Hi #glowfam!

A few weeks ago we announced the launch of Miss Face MOnAT 2017 and the response was amazing!

Today, we have a winner and we are super excited about how it all turned out.

The event was live on RMB's (one of our sponsors) facebook page and you can still watch it by clicking on this link >>> 

Ladies and gents--- our Top 5!!!

So one of the contestants Lucy who is the 4th runner up could not make it because she is the beauty queen and Miss Beach, and had to attend their annual Launch party. Shout out to Lucy and congratulations girl!

This year, there was a new spot to win and Miss Egbe Grace based in the USA is the winner-Miss Face MOnAT international. You can very well expect to see her often on our social media pages 😊 welcome to the team girl!

Our 3rd runner up is the pretty Miss Judith! Judith will be the face of monat's instagram page for the next one week beginning this week!

Our Second Runner up Stephanie who was dressed for this event by one of our sponsors @Mareta West/Buea Fashion Week, will be the face of monat's Facebook page for the next one week.

Our First runner up Marie will be the face of monat's twitter page for the next one week.

And of course Miss Face MOnAT 2017 Petra !

All the details of their prizes are on the live facebook video in the link shared above. 

Big thanks to all those who showed up to support us, To our sponsors whose logos are attached permanently to our blog and all you need to do is click on the logo to learn more about them, thank you!

The journey is only just getting started and ladies, be ready for one heck of a fun ride with the MONAT team!!! Welcome and come on let's do great things!!!

More photos of how it all went down are shown bellow (PS- ALL SCREENSHOT PHOTOS INTENTIONALLY LEFT AS SCREENSHOTS😉😉😉





More photos from the photo shoot coming soon😊😉

We acknowledge the presence of all the models and beauty queens, fashionistas, makeup artists and stylists who took out time to be with us on this special day. Your presence means a lot to us!

Shout out to Reneta who was the MC, thanks girl. We appreciate you!

Big shout out to RMB team, click on their banner attached to this blog to find out more about them.

Don't forget to click the link above to watch this event live and join the team of #glowers!

Keep glowing and stay tuned for what's next!!!

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