Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Flats, Jeans, and T-Shirt : www.Idakoos.com

Hello #glowing fashionistas!

So my customized T-shirt from Idakoos.com finally arrived.

 Did it take a little long to arrive? Yes! But hey now...it was totally worth the wait!

If you are anything like me, T-shirt and jeans are also your go-to on days when you just want to dash outta the house but still look #stylish.

Exactly what I ordered-CHECK
At www.idakoos.com , I was able to place an order for a T-shirt that says "Yaounde Geek"!
I didn't come up with that, it was already there, and all I had to do was click select!
You literally can find every type of T-shirt you want, and I bet you they have everything you would want to be written on your T-shirt. At www.idakoos.com you can fully express yourself through your custom made T-shirt. You can even select by country, and I found Cameroon! Yes I am a proud Cameroonian! #teamgreenREDyellow!
Visit www.idacoos.com to get your custom made T-shirt at very affordable prices, and I bet you'll want to wear it everywhere.
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