Saturday, 28 March 2015

Lawsuit over the Cameroonian Short Film "Damaru"

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Well you may have probably heard about the Cameroonian short film staring one of Camer's best stand-up comedians Ngwane Hansel and the very talented actress Christa Eka.

This immediately caught my attention because this was one of the three Cameroonian movies shown here during the African Film Festival in Houston.

So, here's the story;

The Cameroon entertainment industry has been rocked with the recent news of a lawsuit between Ngwane Hansel and “Damaru” director, Agbor Obed Agbor. This came because of numerous ideological, administrative and financial disparities from both parties who have not seen eye-to-eye on any resolutions made by local authorities, and the matter has been sent to the national security for scrutiny.

  Ngwane Hansel, who acted, wrote and executive produced Damaru, a short film directed by Agbor Obed, has been bitter about the latter’s total indifference to issues regarding the movie and compensations. According to Hansel, Agbor left the country and returned without notifying any of the executive producers of the short film. He did not even communicate to them when the film won a cash prize (7 million CFA) at the FESPACO 2015 film festival in Burkina Faso.

  Upon return, Agbor Obed is said to have undertaken a media tour, while his colleagues have been left in the dark, with no clue as to what is going on. Similarly, his colleges have tried to get to him to no avail, as Hansel mentions. Consequently, this led to a lawsuit being filed against him. The matter is now being handled by national security, as they await final deliberations.

So we are aware that there's a lawsuit, we don't know the other side of the story and for the good of the Camer industry, we are hoping this gets settled in a friendly manner, and that everyone gets the settlement they deserve!!!

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