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MOnAT Picks: Hot Designs by Cameroonian Designers to Check Out (Part I)

Hello #glowing fashionistas!

It's time for another look into our beloved Camer fashion industry...are y'all ready???

Cameroon's fashion industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country, amongst others including the music and movie industries.

The industry is made up of many amazingly talented designers, who have dressed celebs both at home an abroad. Today, we are introducing y'all to some very talented Cameroonian designers who's pieces are a must have!

As you may have noticed from the tittle of this post, this is PART I, I hope you understand what that means!(wink).

Well to note is that most, if not all, of these designers design more than one type of fashionable piece; from headbands to necklaces, from clutches to party dresses, from pants to jackets, to the most fashionable Ankara accessories and shoes you would ever find!

With that said, here are the items we would suggest you definitely check out, and are a must-own from each of these talented ladies...(Don't worry I'll try to make it as brief as possible... :)

Kibonen Nfi (New York based)

Kibonen is Camer's pride when it comes to the fashion industry! Where to begin?...Mercedes fashion show and all!
Here is the piece she designed for Miss Cameroon 2014/2015. This flows so gracefully it's hard to look away...check it out!

For more on Kibonen, visit her  page Kibonen NY  to see more of her designs.

Enjoh Eunice (Camer based)

C.E.O and designer at UNICE. This is where you go for #CamerInspired fashion!

This piece is most certainly a must-have ladies...this is our pick from #UNICE

Check out her page UNICE for other designs by this talented lady.

Sandrine A. ( Camer based)

This very talented lady shows her creativity in her designs over at Miss Sandy Dynamics. You know those beautiful sexy little dresses for any weather depending on how you want to wear it? Miss Sandy Dynamics has those, and many more...
you know you need one of these...

Visit their page Miss Sandy Dynamics for more designs and learn more about her.

Anrette Ngafor (London-Camer based)

It's hard to pick from a large variety of beautiful dresses, but this particular piece, you really want to check out!

Liiber London is the name of her brand, read more about her here Liiber London ( you can also find the link to their official website on that page)

Anyi A. (Camer based)

Anyi's clutches are hawt! It's no doubt our pick from this designer has to be the know you want this...

For more on her designs visit her page OZI. You may also be interested in her make-up services.(wink)

Renata Ndisang (Camer based)

We can't get enough of this crop top and skirt outfit... perfect for the red carpet. This had to make the list!

Visit the page Mareta West to learn more about her designs.

Ebangha N. (Camer based)

This beautiful Ankara Skirt is our pick from EB Kreations... if you need one of these, now you now where to go!
For more on her designs, visit EB Kreations .

Mesanga Fashion House (Camer based)

Every lady needs a blazer...and what's even hotter is an Ankara blazer...very trendy. You need one, get it here...

For more of her designs, visit this link

Sandrine Toua (Camer based)

Ankara all-star footwear?...yes please! thinking of all the ways I could wear this(wink).
You should check this out.

Visit her page for other pieces here Sandrine Toua Creations

Fruwah Boma (U.S based)

#ProudlyCamer our Camer sister is making us proud in the diaspora. Our pick from Sera Vero Nik fashion is this complete outfit made with Camer colors!

Visit her page Sera Vero Nik to see more of her designs.

Well, if you didn't know any of them, we are glad you got to find out about them here.
Don't forget to visit their pages, like, and share! #team237!

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