Thursday, 9 April 2015

"Massa Tour" In Cameroon: Charlotte Dipanda To Set The Stage Ablaze!!

We all know and adore the talented singer Charlotte Dipanda.
She just released her third album in February entitled "Massa" with one of her hit song Elle n'a pas vu.
 She is here to do a concert like you've never seen before, Charlotte said the concert will be different from her previous concerts and she intends to impact the public with Love, Tolerance, forgiveness and many more. and lastly she promised to give the public her best with good sound system of course.

This is a concert you really don't want to miss.
The young Cameroonian singer Charlotte Dipanda is ready for her concert this Friday and Saturday in Daouala and Yaoundé respectively. If you're in any of these cities you can grab your tickets at Centre Culturel Francaise!!!
Be there and experience Camer Music like never before!!!! Make your weekend to be a music like weekend!!!
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