Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Must See Photos! EB Kreations Boutique Launch In Douala Last Saturday

The Celebrant and Designer EB herself 

Sisters for Life!

Over the weekend, the clothing brand EB Kreations opened its doors to welcome customers and friends for its grand Overture at the Bali neighbor hood in Douala, and now its time for the official photos. We are so excited to put this up!

  Here is a sneak peek of what went down at the glamorous event. The event was attended by fashion lovers, families and friends of the Designer Extraordinaire Ebangha Nkwanyuo. Check these out...


Joy and EB

EB and Anyi
EB, Mum and Joy
Etonde Martin of Sipec and EB

EB and Clara

Fichian Nfi and EB

Friends of EB
Great event, great people! so proud of this Camer sis doing her thing in a grand style!
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