Monday, 11 May 2015

10 Fashionable MOments Of Cameroon's First Lady

Hello #glowers!
Well, we couldn't let #mothersday come to an end without a little something for our very own first lady, the mother of our nation!

In this regard, we have compiled 10 of her fashionable moments from the past few years.
Without wasting any more time, here goes...
Look 1; Some color for the red carpet...

Look 2; A beautiful skirt suit for an official visit...
Look3 ; A red pant suit, white purse and white heels...nice!

Look 4; Dark red skirt suit for an official visit... this color looks so good on her.


Look 5; Some black and white polka dot on the red carpet with Paris Hilton...gotta love this outfit!


Look 6; All white everything, with a touch of bright colors for her lips and nails...

Look 7; An orange flare skirt suit

Look 8; A pink ensemble to meet the Obamas...


Look 9; Probably her most popular photos...more bright colors!

Look 10; She was  definitely appropriately dressed for the recently held Canal D'or red carpet!!!

Well, there goes!!!

It might also interest you to know that she has been called one of the most beautiful African First ladies.

The apple does not fall far from the tree indeed, as her beautiful daughter, first daughter of Cameroon, has also made the list of most beautiful African First daughters.

Check out the other first daughters of Africa that made the list on the following 2 links ( both links show 2 different posts on different websites).

What do y'all think? Please share with us your opinion and if you have any other fashionable photos of the first lady, we would love to share!!!

Happy mothers' day!!!

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  1. Honestly eh...i am soo not a fan of her style...she is very beautiful but her style doesnt bring out her beauty as it shld... :( it saddens me... :(

  2. Famous fashion designers come from all walks of life there is no one system to follow that will have you become the next famous fashion designer.