Friday, 8 May 2015

Camer Rapper MelCube Brings in Stanley Enow and Jovi on his Remix #CREDITS

Hello #glowers...

Yes you read the tittle of this post right...however...they didn't actually feature in the song!(wink)

Camer rapper @Melcube has for many years now shown that he is not only talented, but also a hard worker. Melcube has been working in the studio for the past few month on his Mixtape #R.A.R(Reditum Autem Rex which means -the return of the king), and fans were already getting impatient...but boy, was it worth the wait!

#R.A.R. is a mixtape of 5 banging tracks amongst which is #CREDITS.

Now let me explain why the fuss about #CREDITS!!!

Melcube will be the first Camer rapper who has brought together the beats of two very popular songs in Camer, by two of the most popular and talented rappers/artists Camer has seen in the past decade or so.

Not only does he have #madlyrics and by that I mean excellent...the beats of both #Etp8koi and #NjamanjamaCow were carefully arranged and his rap on the beats blended in so well.

Thumbs up bro...

Ladies and gents...enjoy, share, comment, and spread the word! #Melcube is back! #realhiphop237

Here's the link to listen to #CREDITS

And here's the link to listen tot eh entire mixtape

#team237 #team237talent

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