Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Evolution of Miss Cameroon: 10 Queens from The Last Ten Years

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Miss Cameroon Beauty Pageant started way before many of us were even born! As much as I would love to go that far back to show you all the different queens that won the prestigious title, I simply can't...!!!(wink)

But here's a good one...

Miss Cameroon 1991

So this photo was taken when she was crowned Miss Cameroon 1991. Here are a few of her recent photos more than 20 years later... now a medical doctor in the U.S.A. Dr Aretha Makia

Moving on, here are the queens of Cameroon for the last 10 years the pageant held in Cameroon.
2002- Diane Ngo Mouaha (this was the only photo I could find for her!)
2004- Audrey Béa Mbong (yep only pic I could find)

2005- Florence Rita Iyok

2007- Marthe Keza Troumba (Only pic too!)

2008- Joëlle Audrey Amboague

2009- Anne Lucrèce Ntep

2010- Marie Barbara Matagnigni

2011- Sophie Christine Ngnamgouet

2013- Valerie Denise Ayena
Who has an awesome social media presence by the way...already a model before winning the crown!
And who sure does know how to pose like a queen!

2014- Larissa Ngangoum

Also with a good media presence. She represented us at The Miss World Pageant very well!

There you have it!!!

We are very anxious to see who takes the crown next!

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