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Behind The Art : MOnAT Speaks to NDEDI ASEK

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Happy new month and welcome to June!!!
Half of the year is already gone, and we have so many exciting things planned for y'all for the remaining half of the year God willing!
To begin this period of awesomeness, we had a little chat with a very talented young man, Ndedi Asek.
I would love to tell you everything I know about this young man; who he is, and what he does, but I think he does a better job at that in the on!
I always try to keep it brief, but trust me this is a good read (wink)
GM:  Introduce yourself
Describe yourself in 3 words ( in addition, tell us who is Ndedi Asek)
NA: Good day Team MonAT. I'm beyond humbled to be given this opportunity to share my world with you and your readers. Thank you in 3000 languages. Well,My full names are Ndedi Asek Matuke(yeah,no English I'm Upper Balong/Bafaw by tribe with a Nigerian heritage. I was born and brought up in Kumba,SW Region Cameroon.Although throughout my life I kept switching residence between Cameroon and Nigeria.
As a result of my early childhood schooling in Kano,Nigeria I got to pick up afluent mastery of the Hausa Language (Most people sometimes regard me as a Fulani Herdsman.ei di vex me very

     Ndedi Asek in three words is Imaginative, Loyal and Confident.I have a very deep perspective and philosophy towards life which has contributed to my FreeSpirit attitude about life. To me,Life is an Art...Which must be Cherished,carved,framed and Protected well...not to be taken too seriously.
GM: About your work
-When did you start, how did it come about?
-How your friends and family react to what you do (supportive?)
- Is there anything else you do apart from art?
-As a child, what did you want to be when you grow up
-What will you consider your greatest achievement when it comes to your work?
NA: I don't regard making art as work...Art has always been part of my life. An addiction. Right from when I was a toddler,my crayons were my best toys.My mum is a dope artist too. She always told me I got the Skills of artmaking from her ...apart from the long She scultures incredible piece of art from paper pulp and does amazing craftwork with her hands.On my part,I always came up with images of my imagination from the time I was a kid ,on the floor with chalk,inking images on my books,desk,hands(Which always got me into problems with,Art came naturally to swallowing food!

       I have a very solid fanbase of friends and family.Their support has been a blessing to my life. My parents always provided that foundation for me to grow in my art. My mum still encourages me abundantly...She makes sure I pay particular attention to the details of art making and never relent.She's my best Critic. I also have a group of friends Hauz Of Lauddz,they financially and morally support my work..I owe them a lot for that. Team MonAT especially Miss Atem,, You don't know how much i'm indebted to you. I won't stop thanking you!
Yeah...Of course I have a life outside art. The bread should be on the table not by art Well,the other world out of art is for another day.But I'm grateful to God for what He has done to my life this year.

    When I was a kid I always wanted to be an Ambassador. I was just charmed and mesmerized by the BIG word,Big Job...But as I grew up,my perspective changed to "I'm gonna be what I'm gonna Be! Pressureth No More Oh yee Poor Soul". Lol
I can't really narrow down my greatest achievement when it comes to my work but I guess acknowledgements from Tiwa Savage,M.I Abaga and fellow artists has been so inspirational and humbling to me. People that I look up to,tell me how I am an inspiration to them...Wow..Thats an amazing Feeling!

GM: Your inspiration
-Who inspires you?(a particular person or people)
-where do you get your inspiration from? (things, places, life events...etc)
NA:    My Art inspiration has always been life. There is so much to life that enriches art. It inspires me to think out of the box And create images that appeal to the soul. I love my country Cameroon,you can see that in most of my artworks.
I make sure I represent Her beauty and culture the best way my imagination allows me to.Most people find that offensive and start political rubbish talks.Their cup of bitterleaf tea! My mind can capture places,lifestyle,situations,things that I can later use to depict in my art.I create the piece of art in my head before I even put it on canvas.
On my comfort level,I get involved in cartoon making,mostly inspired by current events. One of The blessings God bestowed on me.
She is the builder of nations
The pathway to human existence.
Bearer of great men
Her Strength is beyond tidal waves and explosive earthquakes.
Yet,her love is as beautiful as a perfect seraph's dream....

She is ...The Woman

|Dedicated to All The Strong Women I know.

                 NdediAsek (C)2015
GM: -What advice do you have for other/young artists
NA: The advice I'm gonna give other young artists is that they should never relent in their effort to create art. A masterpiece is usually created from hard work and continuous trials and errors. They should also know that no artwork must be done the same way.
Patience is the key.
Throw away the traditional way of art making and do only what YOUR mind directs to do. It must not be perfect...but that's how you make your signature.
It is what makes you original and not a mediocre artist. Don't be afraid of your imagination and always try to learn from works of other. I still go to other artists' workspace to learn more and be inspired.
Above all,I will advise them to trust God and Only Him.He is the Greatest Artist and Creator.
Jovi LeMonstre #MonsterSlayer
Asek Ats
GM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years...what vision do you have for your work?
NA:   Whoa! I have a lot I wanna achieve in 5 years time...and I believe God will make my plans come into life. I'm already in the process of creating an arts studio in partnership with some friends...'BlackMojo Arts Studio'.
It's gonna turn a new page in the exploration Of Afrocentric worldwide. Its gonna concentrate on contempary African Art,culture and fashion in all perspectives of creativity. Well,words alone can't put all the ideas into fruition...Time and God will tell. MonAT will be the first to know for sure .
Asek Arts
Well I want to thank MonAT for granting me this interview. Especially in this month of June, which turns out to be my birthday month.
 I wish to bless your team and family and all those who have made this interview possible. I'm honoured and blessed to have you.

Ndei Asek is so good you'll have a hard time differentiating his art from a photo!
Visit his Facebook page  to view more of his work HERE HERE HERE
This is the art that caught my it! #Proudly237!
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