Thursday, 4 June 2015

Crystal Beauty Show Offers free Plane Ticket and Hotel Lodging

Hi there dearest #glowers!

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love to be the bearer of #goodNews!!!

The Crystal Beauty Show, which is a talk show by our Cameroonian sister, is ready to fly you to Maryland and lodge you for the launching event of season 2 of this already viral talk show!

I know what you are thinking...
'Well, MOnAT, there must be a catch'

No, there's no catch!!!

Here's how it works... Make a video! Everyone loves videos, it'll only take like 5 minute.
In your video, answer the following questions;
What you like about season one
What you expect from season two
Your favorite crystal moments and,
Why people should sponsor the event !
Challenge others to do same

When you are done, send the video to and videos will be uploaded on the talk show's YouTube channel. Counts will be done on the youtube link uploaded on this channel.

The person with the most views wins the flight ticket and hotel lodging... now isn't that easy?
Come on... 5 minutes of your time can get you to Maryland and back! Think about it!

That's not all!!... anyone who does the video gets a free raffle ticket to the launching event!

Visit the crystal beauty show channel HERE HERE HERE to watch episodes, and visit the facebook page for more info HERE HERE HERE


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