Tuesday, 9 June 2015

MOnAT #Modeling237: Amanda Efathel

Hi there dearest #glowing fashionistas!

Yes it's that time of the week again!...#Modeling237, where you discover all the hidden treasures of our land!

Today we have the ravishing and enchanting model with a tiangular facets; she is a  blogger, a lawyer by training , and hostess, Amanda Efathel...

She walks the runways for fashion's biggest brands, starring in some of the most innovative and ground-breaking campaigns across Africa and the world. 
Photo credit: Erickus Photo

For the past years, Cameroon has seen the rise of Cameroonian models in the fashion world and with the way social media impacts our daily lives, she is one of the top models who is either Facebooking,tweeting, instagramming and blazing trials globally and thus earning her place in the fashion domain.

photo credit Penjo Photography
When we talk of Cameroonian topmodels; her name and beautiful face could not be left out. The beautiful black and long legs model Amanda Efathel is one of Camers finest models who is not only known nationally but internationally.After wining FIMA 2013, Amanda has now become a household name for the many high profiled fashion houses around Africa and beyond.

Photo: Alain Ngann
Sac: Alvine Dmanou
HairStyle: Maitre Claud
Her photos without make-up are exceptionally pretty!

Photo credits; Alain Ngann
She definitely makes every photographer's work easy...

Photo: Orphée Noubissi
Designer: Nana Kennedy
Make Up: Nallah Sangaré

She is actually the only #237model I've seen attempting this #MarilynMonroe look and she totally nailed it!

Photo Credits: William Nsai

Kudos to you!!!

Welcome to Cameroon, the origin of all pretty #models!!!
Discover another #hiddentreasure from the #237 next week...

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