Wednesday, 3 June 2015

MOnAT #Modeling237: G-Ki Barbie

Hi #glowers and welcome to our first edition of #Modeling237!!!

We are very excited about this one, and this week we have a gorgeous young lady!

Now, we were going to contact her to get her full names and all, but G-Ki Barbie is pretty popular already, plus it sounds good we figured, why not use it?!

Ladies and gents, meet video vixen and model... G-Ki Barbie!

Photo Credits : William Nsai

G-Ki Barbie is a beautiful, humble, and talented young lady.

Photo Credits: Kelly B

Not only has she mastered the art of showcasing the work of some of the best #237 fashion designers on the runway, but she is also every photographers delight as she is able to convey the intended message in every single photo!

Long hair, short hair, however you make her dress, or make her up... this model will blow-your-mind!!!

Photo Credits : Kelly B

Here's a video that brought a new meaning to love, a love song so profound, featuring this beautiful #237model...enjoy!

You go girl...keep doing your thing, you are awesome and it's time for the world to know!!!

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