Thursday, 25 June 2015

MOnAT #Modeling237: Jean Daniel Siewe

Hi #glowers!

It's yet another beautiful week to showcase the beautiful people from Cameroon!

Ladies and gents, presenting to you @Jean Daniel Siewe hailing from the Western Region of Camer.

Daniel is a down-to-earth young Cameroonian living his modeling dream as he travels the world, working with different photographers and designers.
Highlighting/showcasing Cameroonian models is what we do on #modeling237 and today is all about this #perfect guy!

He is humble, friendly, enjoys meeting new people and seeing new places. He can literally model anything! Yes, he's that good!!!
We just had to feature him on our platform.


Go spread the's #modelling237 and Camer models are taking over!
Stay tuned for all the entertainment you need...
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