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MOVIE : Ndolo And The Senator-Meet The Cast

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We are supper excited about this one!!!
If you follow our facebook page (which means you are one of the 900+ people who do---wink), then you must have seen a few posts hinting about this movie.
I was very privileged to be a part of the  pre-screening for this movie, and there's so much I want to say about the movie but NO SPOILERS HERE!!! (wink)
But I'll tell you one thing though, #anticipate...cuz it's a movie you'll love!
Genre: Drama
Movie Description:
"Ndolo and the Senator" is a movie about personal responsibility. Its a film about that moment in life when you, not as who is in a position of power but as someone who is a regular, everyday, ordinary citizen can do to make a difference.

We have often heard that there is nothing as dangerous as the complacency of good men. Which means that every single day when we omit our civic responsibility, our duties to one another as brother and sister, they all pile up to create the kind of society that we so easily blame on the government.
When the young Ndolo schemes her way into the confidence of a visiting Cameroonian Senator, her intentions are not ...pure. She has a secret plan to defraud him of embezzled money in order to send it back to the people it was stolen from. But the lines between right and wrong will soon blur and the drama that will emerge will be called Ndolo and the Senator.
Meet the cast;
Mbango Adambi , Cameroonian actress (who also produced the movie)- as Ndolo

 Kelechi Eke-- CEO of BiGobi media, a Nigerian actor/writer/producer/Director based in Dallas, Texas. He plays the male lead, Senator Frederick Massango.

Samson Tarh--- plays Jeff, and he's a Cameroonian based actor.

Jasmin Roland--an African American in Houston who plays the role of Desiree, Ndolo's friend.

 Bareh Mildred--- plays the role of Adelle, the whole reason why this story is told. She's a Cameroonian based actress.

Sunnyfield Okezie-- a Nigerian, Houston based actor. He plays the role of Joseph, Senator Massango's aide.


Ruth Taku-- an upcoming Cameroonian actress based in Houston Texas who plays the role of Judith, Ndolo's little sister


Essama Adelle---plays the role of Sadi, Adelles. She's based in Cameroon and is an upcoming actres.


 Eko Leonel---a Cameroonian student from the New York Film Academy and a banker. He is based in Houston. He plays the role of Yannick, Ndolo's ideal friend.

 Edith Pikwa --- plays the role of Brenda Massango, the Senators wife who visits America and decides to stay. She is a Dallas based actress with a GIAMA nomination for best actress in the Diaspora in the movie "A Message to Brian".
Frank Artus-- Liberian (Usually mistaken to be Ghanaian) actor who plays Carl, Ndolo's boyfriend. One of Africa's best...(wink)
The film is written and directed by Gordon Che,
produced by Mbango Adambi under Edge Media productions. The cinematographer is Nicholas Angwafor.

Watch Analysis for Carl (Frank Artus), an intriguing character in "Ndolo and the Senator"

Brace yourselves...this movie is going to be E-PIC!!!

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