Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sierra Leonean Actress/Model/Producer Sonia Sesay Set to release First Single's Music Video

 Hello dearest #glowers!

Meet the gorgeous and talented Sierra Leonean Miss Sonia Sesay!

Sonia has acted in many award winning movies, models for high profile brands in and around the Houston area, and just recently, is getting ready to release her first single alongside the music video...y'all ain't ready for this one!

The music video of the single #Alaji is currently being shot and features some of our favorite African celebs such as Nollywood's Pascal Atuma and many other talented entertainers.

Here are a few behind the scene pictures...#AnticipateAlaji

Now you know... stay tuned for updates on when the music video will be released and she also has a movie premiering soon; stay tuned for all the updates!

This will be one fun summer!
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