Monday, 20 July 2015

Foster Planner - Mola Kwata (Lyrics Video) Now Out!

Hello #glowers!

You may or may not have heard this new #ClubBanger! #MolaKwata by the talented rapper @Foster Planner!
A few months after the buzz of his first single "Tabala pongo" featuring C Prime, Foster Planner rapper returns to the front of the stage Kamer Hip Hop with a new signature on "Kwata Mola".

Extract from his maxi single "No No race crown" in preparation "Kwata Mola" is the new sound of the young rapper Foster Planner Northwest Cameroon. Flow unleashed pure trap, easy and resulting chorus complex twist, this is the recipe of this sound that immerses us in the heart of the artistic world of the Mola Kwata.
Produced by Clive Terry and mastered by the great Edi Le'drae, "Mola Kwata" A song that recounts the experiences of a hustler living in a neighborhood PSU which becomes a jungle where cash is king and therefore you have to fight to exist, a context in which the rapper is changing by promoting work and perseverance.
Passionate about music and urban real business, he has also just launched its brand clothes under the label "Royalty", a state of mind and a noble vision that he wants to share with his audience. Pending the videogram scheduled for the end of the month, we invite you to discover the single "Kwata Mola ', a mix of rap and local influences that will for sure leave you wanting more!
Facebook: Foster King Planner
Twitter: PlannerKing237
Instagram: PlannerKing237
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