Tuesday, 28 July 2015


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I am guessing y'all already know the name 'Hansel' by now as a big part of the #237entertainment industry...if not, here's a brief intro.

Ngwane Hansel who is the CEO of Hansel Media, is also a well-known stand-up comedian in Cameroon, who has participated in promoting Cameroonian talent, and raising awareness about important issues in our society in various ways including an online radio station, TV show, and an internationally acclaimed movie #DAMARU amongst other things.

The Cameroonian online promotion/marketing company, Hansel Media has been selected to participate in the International Internet Security seminar in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire. Organized by the University of Clemson, South Carolina, and Internet Sans Frontières, this “Internet Freedom” workshop aims to combat security threats and promote freedom of expression on the internet.

 Hansel Media was chosen to represent the country in the fight against cyber threats and will be charged to use its online promotion platforms to disseminate information gathered from the training workshop to instigate change and development.

As an online promotion company, Hansel Media concerns itself with the online exposure of organizations and individuals, and so must assure the safety of their data and online credentials. Also, due to the fact that most online promoters face threats on a daily basis, this training seminar will teach participants on the technologies and counter-surveillance practices based on open source software,
developed by Doctor Brooks and his team at the University of Clemson.
Hansel Media, represented by its CEO Ngwane Hansel, will make sure this seminar not only solidifies the company’s existing reputation, but will have a great impact on the socio-economic sectors which are constantly promoted on our platforms. Hansel Media now joins a global movement for a more secure and constructive digital world, one that will give way for peace and development.
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