Tuesday, 28 July 2015

MOnAT #Modelling237: Photographer Spotlight--William Nsai

Hello lovely #glowers!
On #Modelling237 today, we decided to feature one of the most talented photographers Camer has seen in recent years.
The very humble genius, @William Nsai
William Nsai directs music videos and takes the most am-a-zing photos amongst other things.
His underwater photos have become very popular as the photo-shoots are very well executed. 
 He has worked with almost all the models in Cameroon, and it's no surprise that every model will want at least one photo taken by this photographer!
Here's some of his work... feed your eyes!
This Cameroonian photographer is a master of his art!
Well, now you know who to call for your next photo shoot!
#proudly237 #proudlyCamer!!!

Stay tuned and find out who is going to be featured next week.
Stay tuned for all the entertainment you need...

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