Tuesday, 28 July 2015

MOnAT #Zik237: WAX DEY

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It's another exciting #Zik237 post!

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Ladies and gents ...@WAX DEY

This our #237 brother is a full package of talent. Not only is he a musician, he is also a humanitarian, a TV show host and presenter of his own TV show #Number1Girl, amongst other things. He is one multitalented guy who was won quite a few awards, and received numerous nominations. Here's his recent nomination...(don't forget to vote for him if voting is still open guys).

Today, we are sharing a few of his music videos for your viewing and listening pleasure.
Enjoy, share, and comment...it's @WAX DEY on MOnAT #Zik237!

Did I mention he has a good sense of fashion and is very elegant?!...oh well!

It's #Zik237 and we are taking over!

Stay tuned for all the entertainment you need...

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