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AFCIG Workshop: Blogging For ‘CHANGE’ (Tuesday, March 3, 2015)


Hello #GLOWERS, how was the weekend???

 Hope great yeah… I know we have been missing on the blog for a while, but hope you’re enjoying our post on the Facebook page too!

Ok without much ado I have something slightly different for you our lovely readers..*Wink*…
   On  the 27th and the 28th of February I had an amazing time spent as I got the chance to attend a blogging workshop ‘Blogging For Good Governance’ organised by AFCIG which is an NGO promoting Youth sustainability in Cameroon.

 The workshop took place in the beautiful city of Bamenda, “je suis bamenda et p8 koi” !!!

You might be asking yourself if blogging indeed can promote good governance in Cameroon? Well that's not my preoccupation for now...


 We crave for change in our country but I believe that change can start with you! And only you can bring the change that we need.

At the workshop, we had as guest speakers; Victor Van R and Chedjou Kamdem (CK) who are both experts in social media and they gave us some tips on how to improve the feasibility and content of your blog, if you are already a blogger like us.

It’s quite amazing how the Camer blogosphere is rapidly increasing and how social media is buzzing! I must say am indeed impressed with the interest of Cameroonian youths entering into blogging, I met with very talented people who are also bloggers and who believes that blogging is taking a different dimension in Cameroon.

Let me share with you which part of the workshop interested me the most and which I think some of you bloggers need to  know as well, SHARING IS CARING! leggoooooooo
 As bloggers, we need to know some rules and ethics involved in blogging, we really don’t want to blog because we want to become famous yeah? Here is what you need to know as a blogger.

Blogger ETHICS,
As a blogger you need to have   ETHICS just like a journalist. Here are some blogging ethics you need to know;
  •          Be accountable for everything; as a blogger you have to be accountable for everything you write on the blog.
  •               Do not lie or create a false story.
  •                 Be prepared to produce proof and defend your blog entry when questioned.
  •                You don’t want to be known as the most knowledgeable person in porn or gossip.
  •           What you write now is searchable by your future employer
  •         Let  them see the better side of you.
  •            Build a reputation of being an accurate blogger.
  •          Whenever someone sees something on your blog, they can be sure it is the truth.
  •            Do not be afraid to apologise; It’s never too late to say am SORRY!
  •            We all make mistakes.
  • ·         Do not cover up your mistake.
  • ·         People will remember
  • ·         Google cache is their witness
  • ·         Update the blog entry with your correction
  • *      Allow freedom of expression
  • *      Allow discussion on your blog

  • *      Do not delete comments or ban anyone from commenting(except it doesn't fit your content, for example like someone sharing porn on the comment space).
  • *      Know when to agree to disagree
  • *      Some things are better not blogged about
  • *      Do not blog about things that are unethical or will cause harm.

Hope these tips help my fellow bloggers who stopped by to read. And for those wanting to start blogging too, watch out for the next article.

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