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EMMA VAN LARE.....The face that represents Africa! (done Wednesday, January 30, 2013)

Hi Africa,...hi world.... and well, welcome to our page...ignore the welcome kidding!!!
On Glow-MonAt's blog this week,there's going to be a lot of talk about fashion and beauty. Speaking of beauty....
at this point in time....I will like to introduce you to a very special lady...and she is special not just because she is a beauty queen!!
Everyone,I present to you pretty miss Emma Van Lare, Miss face of Africa, Texas,  2012.

MonAt's blog met up with Emma recently for an exclusive interview,just getting to know her a little more.
The very stunning Ghanian beauty is in her third year at the University of Texas at Austin and she is a communications student studying Radio-Television-Film. That's a pretty interesting feild I must say!!
Emma describes herself as someone with a very vivacious personality!
" I like to get people excited about things. We have so much to be happy and grateful for, so I like to see people smile! I love musicals. I don’t get to go to them often because of how expensive tickets are, but there are few things that make me as happy as seeing a live show of the Lion King" she added
I definitely agree with her on the musicals ticket price thing..really expensive!!....and The Lion King is definitely one I would watch!!!
                                   Emma and friends
 This  was Emma's very first pageant and she told us; 
" I really did not know what I was getting myself into and I most certainly did not expect to win! It was a really amazing experience. I learnt a lot about myself and met a ton of amazing people along the way. All of the contestants were amazing; they were really nice people".
                          Emma with some of the ladies of MFOA
MonAt's blog---why did u get into it?(the pageant)
"Well, I took a really interesting class my freshman year in college. It was basically a self-help/discovery class. I think that class was a factor in how I defined my goals for the future. For our final project, our professor had us document and solve a personal problem in our lives or do a case study on someone we found inspiring. Since I’m a black female studying film, I naturally chose Oprah Winfrey for my case-study. I learned about her life and her rise to success. I was very surprised to learn that she did beauty pageants when she was younger. It helped her with self-confidence and forced her fine-tune her public-speaking skills. After learning that, I realized that pageants were about a lot more than pretty girls in pretty dresses and high heeled shoes".
 Ok...Oprah did beauty pageants???......I didn't know that!!!
 And I could not agree with her less on the fact that beauty pageants are much more than what most people think...!!
                                    Mr and Miss Face of Africa 2012
-Emma told us ;
"My family and friends were amazing throughout the entire experience. I wouldn’t have been able to participate without them! Without their donations and support you would be blogging about someone else right now".
      left to right.Emma, BET actress (The Game)Tae Hakard, Nana S. Osei
 MonAt's blog---how did it feel hearing your name as the winner?
      Emma---"It was really surreal. I kept replaying it over and over again in my head to make sure I heard correctly. It was also very humbling. It’s amazing when people tell you that they believe in you and what you have to offer the world".
MonAt's blog---will u do it again?
          Emma---"I already did! Two weeks after Miss Face of Africa, I did the
Miss Ghana USA pageant and got 2nd runner up. Again, another amazing experience with a lot of amazing people. I think however, if I decide to do another pageant, then, I will wait until I am out of college so that I have more time to dedicate to my platform".
MonAt's blog---how has it affected your life(with freinds n family)..has anything changed?
     Emma---"Haha, that’s funny. I wish! It would be nice if winning a title meant that you got breakfast in bed, but my parents are still the king and queen of their household and I must bow down to them!"....

emma @ the pageant
MonAt's blog---what did you want to be growing up?(did you ever think about being a beauty queen?)
     Emma--"Believe it or not, I thought about being a lawyer or doctor. Sometimes I look back and think, “What in the world was I thinking!” They are both noble professions and all (my mom’s a doctor) but some people are not meant for it! I am one of them!"....
MonAt's blog---what advice do you have for others out there who want to get into a pageant?
       Emma---"I’m talking to the men out there also when I say DO IT! It is really an amazing tool for self-discovery. You have to figure out what you are passionate about so that you can champion it with a platform. You have to figure out what you are good at so that you can channel it for your talent. You have to find a way to perform while battling a tidal wave of nerves. It will be difficult, but you will get through it and you will end up a prouder, stronger, and more confident person because of it."
MonAt's blog---you have inspired others in many ways...who was your inspiration?
      Emma---"Honestly, my parents. I grew up with them telling me that I have the ability to do anything I set my mind to. It sounds cliché, but there are a lot of people who grow up without hearing those words. They live in a world where things are predetermined for them by society. I am truly blessed to have such supportive parents".
MonAt's blog---when you are not looking pretty and representing Africa...what do you do in your free time?
    Emma---"Well, I love hanging out with my friends and eating different kinds of food, but I must admit that lately I have been indulging in that show on ABC called Scandal with Kerry Washington. I LOVE THAT SHOW! I just watched the entire first and second seasons in less than two weeks. I’m up to date now, so I’m having trouble waiting for the next episode to air".
Scandal...mmm...I can't remember why i stopped watching it...I definitely should check it out again!!!
With such strong positive energy and hardworking spirit...not forgetting the beauty...Miss Emma has what she needs to be very successful in the fashion and beauty world....pretty much in any other 'world'!!!  
Thanks Emma for the interview...and from us here at Glow-monat's blog.....we wish you all the best and keep making Africa proud!!
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