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MABEL CHAH: BOLD, BEAUTIFUL AND ...??? MonAt's blog finds out more! (Done Tuesday, August 20, 2013)

Helloo beautiful fans of MONAT's blog!!....
It's another lovely day and ......ok, ......Y'all know by now how I'll like to go on and on about stuff ...but....I would like y'all to meet a very lovely lady!!
Ladies and gents, may I present to you THE MABSTAR....

Well, I am guessing most of you already know her from her now trending song "go vote", that is if you didn't know her from the band BAAM, that won the Nescafe African Revelation music competition in 2007 . If you don't know her, don't worry, you are about to find out right now.
MONAT's blog recently met up with Mabel for an interview. I must say... this has been the most anticipated interview of the month for our fans, since after the release of her song "go vote".
Our fans were very interested in knowing more about the lady who was bold enough to say the bitter truth about some things most young artists wouldn't dare sing about!!
Well this is it!!.....our interview with that lady!

Before we get right into it, I'll like to share with you guys some highlights about Mabel;
Mabel Composed the song titled "Arise Africa" which won Laureates for her band ‘Baam’ at the Nescafe African Revelation music competition in 2007, then emerged 1st at the All-African contest in Cote D'Ivoire.
She abandoned the Mutzig Star competition to focus on her single “stand up” which was recorded and produced in Paris by English producer and artist Wayne Beckford.
 She organised an all-stars concert in Buea called “Stand Up for Haiti” to raise funds in support of victims of the Haiti earth quake disaster.

She toured with the Minister of Culture on behalf of women empowerment initiatives and took part in the Annual Islamic Festival in Morocco and Algeria. She's been on numerous tours to Ghana, Niger, Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Togo and in Cameroon on behalf of Orange during the launching of “orange school”. Most recently she featured in Stypak Samo's song “shi me mi”.....and I can go on and on....but I have to stop somewhere right!!...
Okay, let's do this!
 Full names:
My full names are Mabel Fuam Chah

When did you realise you could sing:
I had been singing since I was a child. But at the age of 11, I had the opportunity to sing for the first time in front of my classmates. The response was so great I was immediately invited to do a Christmas performance in front of the entire school. I got huge cheers and standing ovation. From that time I knew  this was my calling.

Who inspired you as a young girl growing up?

My mom. She was a lead singer in her cultural group choir when I was growing up. She gave so much of herself and people truly admired her for her selflessness. I wanted to have that kind of impact.

Who are your favourite musicians? (In Camer and all over the world):
X-maleya, Manu Dibango, Bebe Manga of blessed memory, Angelique Kidjo, Alicia keys, Mary J. Blige, T-bone, Mary Mary, Cece Wynans, Eve and Truth Hurts.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
I wanted to be a Choir Conductor. Lol! When I found out it wasn’t a career, I wanted to be a Journalist.

When was your very first performance?
When I was 11. Lol! At St. Bede’s College Ashing-Kom.

How did that make you feel?
When you discover something that you always want to do, it makes you free. The response I got was a validation that this was my calling.

How did your parents and friends react to your talents (where they supportive?):
My friends were the first to spot my talent and they have been supportive all the way. My parents have been very supportive although my mother had her concerns. She’s mainly from the Choir background whereas I took to a different stage. When people look at a choir, they see angels singing. It’s not the same for Afropop singers like us. So she was a bit concerned about the level of exposure and the perception for a young woman like me, especially with us Africans.

When was your very first breakthrough moment in your singing career?
I would say it was the Nescafe African Revelation competition which my group (BAAM) won.

                                   Music video "Stand up" by BAAM

How has music affected your life as a person?
It has opened doors for me. I have been able to travel extensively to France, Ghana, Morocco, Algeria, Niger, Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Togo, etc. It has also showed me something about famous artists. Beyond the stage personality there is a real person with brains, with a heart and emotions who wants to be judged by the content of her substance not by the provocative stage clothing.

Tell us about your recent projects:
I was planning to release an album in June 2012. Then the elections were announced for July 2012. They say evil thrives when good men and women do nothing. I decided to put my album on hold and fight for a cause that is greater than my life. So I did ‘Go Vote’ instead. I performed it at private functions in villages around the country and it had the effect I hoped it would have. As the government kept postponing the elections, I began receiving more and more invitations to perform the song. The reaction was mostly positive even though some people privately tried to buy me off. Then I was advised to release the song in digital format and do a video. It seems all hell broke loose. I was roughed up so bad I fled to an undisclosed location in Nigeria. But this is only temporary. I will not be intimated to leave the county of my father and go and be living like a refugee in no man’s land. Come hell or high water, I am coming back!

Tell us more about your inspiration behind the song GO VOTE:
My father was a Presidential escort so I’ve rubbed shoulders with a lot of important people in Yaounde and I’ve gone on tours with the Minister of Culture. No one can genuinely be happy about the same regime that has been in place long before I was even born. The lyrics say I was 2 at the time, but that was just to rhyme the rap. But it’s the same names, same game and the same players. I know there are bad people in Government who are misleading the President and there are good people who are sick and tired of this mess but they only say these things in secret. My parents did not raise me to be afraid. When I see that young people of my generation have given up on the values of Democracy and the popular notion is that this regime can only be removed by force, then I feel that I must say something, because everyone bleeds in an armed conflict. Unfortunately those thugs did not like the part of my message that does not favour them

Tell us about your future projects if you already have some in mind:
If you look up MabSTAR, it means ‘Of divine elegance, hard on the outside, soft on the inside; Gorgeous and unique”. If I survive the fallout from ‘Go Vote’, you will see a softer, gorgeous and unique MabSTAR.

                                      Mabs & Jovi

If you were given an opportunity to do a duet with one Cameroonian artist today, who would you choose and why?
That would be Manu Dibango. He’s someone who truly knows music. I want to tap into his genius.

Apart from singing, what other talent do you have that most people don't know of?People have always told me I was made for the silver screen. Maybe it’s just flattery. Lol!! I would love to go into acting, but it feels a bit like a lie to me and I’m a bit uncomfortable with it. I’m not very good at feigning emotions. I know it's an art. Maybe with some training I could be on the screen soon.

                            Mabs &Tito

What do you do when you are not in the studio recording? (hobbies):
I love reading or going out for a walk and listening to music.
What advice do you have for young talented Cameroonians who intend to pursue a singing career?
Ask yourself what is the one thing you can do happily even if you don’t get paid for it. If the answer is not music, find a different career. Because if you want to be rich overnight or if your expectations are too high, I promise you will be frustrated. Aim high, but set your expectations low. Brand yourself, work with other people, show a lot of goodwill and above all, always keep striving for perfection.
 What can I say!!....

Thanks Mabel, it was such a pleasure having you on our blog...we wish you the very best and we really hope to have you again soon.

Meanwhile, why don't you guys check out "Go Vote" for yourselves!! powerful lyrics!

You ask, we deliver!!.....we only bring you the best.

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