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MIRACLE EDISON;..more than just a pretty face!!!!. ( Done Friday, November 30, 2012)

Hello world......helloooooooooo Africa....!!!!
When I was younger, i used to watch beauty pageants and make my own selection of who was going to win!!!...I assumed since it is called beauty pageant, it was all about beauty. Well, it's about beauty for the most part of it....other parts include personality and talent. And when some one won, I always wanted to know more about them....who they really are ,as a person!
Well,Africa, this is your chance to know who your representative is in Texas!!
I present to you Miracle Edison...a beauty queen with a difference;

 Miss Africa Texas 2011, Miss Cameroon USA 2010. TV Host -International Flare channel 38.2, TV Host -MBC Voice channel 43.2, & Radio Host. 

MonAt's blog met up with Miracle for an exclusive interview....

                        Miracle's interview with AT of MonAt's blog
Being a Christian, I asked Miracle if she believed names affect people's lives....turns out she shared my opinion that it does....I am definitely considering naming my kid Miracle, or Favor or...Peace..why not???.....

Miracle describes herself as a loving person who loves to laugh and loves Jesus. She also enjoys cleaning as she says "cleanliness is next to Godliness"!!

Turns out Miracle wanted to become a pilot. That was her dream growing up. But being an only child, her mom felt a little concerned that as a pilot,she will be away most of the time. Miracle fell back to option two- Pharmacist- a pretty girl with a brain!!!!

Miracle was motivated to get into the competition  by the fact that she is a very good public speaker and also felt she could make her impact on the world through this means. She has a very supportive family, and her mom in particular was very supportive....that's the secret of every successful child-a supportive mom!!

                                         From the left-Pastor Bridget Israel(Miracle's mom), Dr Myles Monroe and wife Mrs Ruth Monroe, Miracle Edison at the far right.

Miracle has come a very long way since 2008 and has inspired many young girls.

 When asked who her inspiration is, Miracle replied " my mom" immediately. Her mom, being a great pastor, is an inspiration to many, and Miracle is not left out!
                                                        Pastor Bridget Israel (Miracle's mom)
Miracle is surrounded by powerful women in her family, one of them being her aunt who is a judge....also another inspiration to her. When you are surrounded by such people, failure is not an option...that is indeed hard to fail!

Miracle got into the beauty pageant very confident..she was also a very fair player as she even helped some of the other contestants with their speeches and spent time encouraging them that they could "do it"!...that was very selfless of her!...
Miracle said it feels good winning, and most importantly, to be in a position where you can influence the world for the better, in your own little way....

Apart from looking pretty and saving the world, Miracle enjoys playing lawn tennis, and spending time with friends, family and loved ones!!
I suggested Miracle considers acting but she replied "I don't think acting is my thing!".....  She also has singing as one of her many talents.

Pharmacy school is no bread and butter...I wonder how Miracle does it!!..I mean, find time to be everywhere and do all the stuff she does....she must really love what she does!!! 

Miracle has won numerous awards some of which include;
Miss Africa Texas
Miss Photogenic

Miss Cameroon USA

Best TV Anchor of the Year

A little bit more about Miracle;
Miracle Ruth Edison is the President of the FABIC ( Fight Against breast Ironing in Cameroon),


Junior Ambassador with the United Nations


Talk Show Host on channel 21 "The Heart of Africa"

Radio Host at Zimcarib Radio

Board Member and Host of Hot Topic in Houston

Spoke Person of Vital Education and Management Cooperation,

Board Member of the Afropolitan Experience

A member of the National Network of the Association of Aunties (RĂ©seau National des Associations de Tantines, RENATA),

A Community Activist at Zion Covenant Ministries Charity Organization,

A Board Member in the Alice Fominyam Orphanage in Bengwe Bamenda, (family orphanage) Cameroon.

She volunteers at the Houston Baptist Hospital, donates Blood Every Six Months,

                                              Miracle and Beverly Lemoha (volunteering at a Zion Covenant Ministries charity event)  
African Dance Teacher, and a Youth Mentor at Zion Covenant Ministries.

Spokes Person for the Blackamoor Clothing line
 and the list goes on ..and on!!!

We are proud of you Miracle, keep making Africa go girl!!
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