Tuesday, 4 August 2015

MOnAT #Modeling237: FOJE JENCEY

Hi #glowers!

This week, our spotlight is on this #bold, beautiful, fearless, entrancing, dashing, and glamorous model, Miss North West Region Cameroon, @FOJE JENCYE!!!

Alain Ngann
This #237beauty boldly went bald!!! And see how she's absolutely rocking that look!!! She has worked with some of the best photographers in the country, including William Nsai, Penjo photography, Alain Ngann, and more. Her photographic expressions are indeed #entrancing!

Photo credits: Penjo

Photo credits: Alain Ngann

Jencey is very humble, yet not afraid to defend what she stands for... and for that, she definitely stands out from the crowd...

photo credits: William Nsai

Photo credits: William Nsai

No doubt she recently joined the #237brand that stands for change @Liiber London!

Photo credits: Liiber London

For more photos of @LIIBER LONDON'S 'CHANGE' collection, click HERE HERE HERE

Meanwhile, feed your eyes some more!

photo credits: Ernest Collins

photo credits: Alain Ngann

photo credits: Penjo
This model is definitely one of the best from the country...Can't wait to see her go wildly international!!! You go girl!!!

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  1. I really enjoyed this feature of Foje! She's so talented and I see a great future for her. I was so happy to find that you wrote about her coz I also did a write on her for my WCW yesterday's! Funny how we all think alike :-) keep it up!

    1. Nice! our post was up Tuesday, will definitely check yours out immediately!!! We can never have enough bloggers writing about her...she is very talented! I also included the link to your post for Liiber London since she was one of the models for that collection. She is definitely #WCW worthy! Thanks for the comment @camer237 fashion blogger :)