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MOnAT's 5 questions for I REP CAMER's Yefon Mainsah (Done Saturday, February 22, 2014)

Hi everyone...what are you all up to this weekend??
Well, we've got another 5 question interview surprise for you all. I am sure y'all already know her. She is the brain behind one of Camer's most entertaining blogs I REP CAMER.

 Her name is Yefon Mainsah and here is our brief and straight to the point interview with her so y'all can get to know her more!
Well, here we go...

MB: Describe yourself in 4 words.
YM; 4 words: Outspoken, Eccentric, observant, fun

 MB: When and why did you start blogging?(is it a passion you have always had?)

YM: April 2009. Blogging started as an out and escape from stressful job! I wanted to promote my friends especially in the creative industries (fashion and music) and because I love sharing good stories. Being obsessed with checking out Naija blogs, I decided to start one given the "scarcity" of Camer blogs at the time! Very impressed with the current and growing diversity of Camer bloggers

 MB: what are your other favorite pastimes? (hobbies)
YM: Reading, Movies, Music, and of course checking out other blogs and interior decor tips online. I love Pinterest.

 MB: Who is/are your inspiration?
YM: I have been inspired by a lot of people..My parents are my biggest inspiration! Mami is my dreamer and baa my reality check. My mum taught me self esteem from an early age and I call her my 7 star general. My work ethic and outspoken nature are from My dad.

 MB: 3 fun facts about you no one knows (or maybe just facts you would love to share)
YM: 3 fun facts. 2 middle names: Kathleen Melanie. Have over 40 cousins. I am a movie, music and accessories junkie.
There you have it. That was fun!

Well thanks Kathleen Melanie...(honestly, I wonder if I will still be calling you Yef after discovering these new like the names though!!)

This was actually an interview demanded by some of our readers who suggested we interviewed some Camer bloggers.
Hope this did it for you....

Much love and thanks to all our readers for all the support and thank you Kathy **wink**

Stay tuned for more entertainment, fashion and Camer celeb gist.

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