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MOnAT's 5 Questions for Miss Cameroon; Valerie Ayena (Done Friday, January 31, 2014)

Hello everyone, hope all is well, it's weekend and it's the last day of January.

 I am happy we all had  a great time and we, right here at MOnAT ,are very much excited to have spent a beautiful month with all our lovely readers.
We are starting the weekend and probably kicking off February with this very exciting interview with the beautiful Valerie Ayena; the winner of Miss Cameroon 2013.
She also made to the Top Ten of the Miss World Pageant 2013. She sure is representing us well!!

We are excited and honored to start our MOnAT's 5 question series with this very brilliant, hardworking, down to earth, and super hot model!
She is Beautiful, Elegant, Classy and God fearing.
Here are MOnAT's 5 questions for current Miss Cameroon...
The interview is brief, straight to the point, and exciting!!


MB:  Hi Valerie tell us, how can you describe yourself in 5 words?

VA: five words to describe myself: happy, bubbly, determined, open-minded and very creative.

MB: Were you a model before entering into the beauty pageant? Tell us your experiences since becoming the new queen? 
VA: Yes, l was a model before joining beauty pageant competitions…however, l was already a beauty queen in high school. Since I'm the new Miss Cameroon, things are great and difficult at the same time. Great because a lot of people are supporting my different actions and it is an honor. But also difficult because, as Miss Cameroon l should be doing much more but l can't without having any sponsors to help me achieve the projects l have.

MB: As the new miss Cameroon how will you like to be remembered? 

VA: I will like people to remember me as the girl who made them believe again. Believe in themselves, in their dreams.

MB: Describe your sense of fashion in 4words.

VA: I really like fashion, and l think it is something that should be used to express ourselves, our own personality. So for me l like it: Casual, chic, fresh and natural.

MB: As a beauty queen we all know you have your beauty routines, tell us 5things we need to know about beauty routines you can't do without?

VA: I can't do without:
-my bottle of water to clean inside my body 
-my beauty cream because it is important to keep the skin moisturized
 -going to the gym, secret of the perfect body 
-my beauty sleep, because the skin needs to rest at least 8hours per night to look fresh and young
 -my toothbrush finally, because l love to smile (and she SMILESSS)

Well Camer, that's your queen right there!
Thank you so much Valerie, and we wish you the very best in all your endeavors.

MOnAT fam, stay tuned...We only bring you the best...
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