Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Hi #glowers!

Some months back, we shared the names and brands of a few Cameroonian designers you should know. (click HERE HERE HERE)

Well, this is a new one, and it's definitely here to stay!

"SABIO" is a Cameroonian fashion brand which focuses on a fusion between western and Afro fashion.

The brand's aim is to give an added value to the African culture so as to facilitate it's exportation and consumption abroad.

 The brand was conceptualized in 2013 but finally comes to life in 2015 with the recent release of their first collection. Runs mainly on an online marketing system. Commands mostly placed through the facebook page (  and email box. The brand also does customization of costumes and is on a rapid climb in terms of demands....


#Sabio is for the youth, for the boys, for the men who understand #AfroFashion...go spread the word, it's #Sabio #Nowtrending!!!

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