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Star Spotlight: MOnAT talks to EBAKO NKELE.... ( Done Sunday, December 1, 2013)

Hi everyone.....Hope y'all had a great weekend!!
Whaaat??!!'s December already??!!.....Christmas is around the corner and I'm super excited cuz it's one of my favorite holidays :)....
Okay, enough of all that; me telling you about my fav holiday and December and all that....let's get to business!!
Do you know this picture???

 let me fill you in, in case you don't! It's the profile picture from "Finest Cameroonians" ( I'm a huge fan of that page-you might want to check it out).
On this photo, you'll find Comments  like "who is she?" and "who is he"......stuff like that.
Well, today on MOnAT's blog, you'll get to find out who he is, in case you don't already know!!
Ladies and Gents, I present to you  the cute, talented, Camer brother Ebako Nkele.

He is cute, talented....... oh wait!!...did I already say that?? (felt the need to say it again **wink**)
 So, MOnAT's Blog had a chat with this gentleman to get to know him better..
read on!!!!
Ebako is  Cameroonian-born, and USA based, and he describes himself as simple, social, unique and kind.
He is a rapper, but sometimes does medium singing like he did in his new track "You" to be featured on his next Mix tape "Camerican Idol"
If you haven't listened to "You", mmmmm...!!
He says "it's something for the ladies"..but the guys be jammin' to it too!!...
You really want to check out his songs!..I'll tell you right now in case you haven't done that, he is and amazing rapper!!
You'll get the chance to listen to them all week on our facebook page!!
 o get ready to discover the song that is going to be blasting through the speakers!!!

Rapping is not the only thing he does, he also told us
 "I've been doing commercial Modeling for about six years now but I'm more of an Artist than a Model although I love taking Professional Pics and appearing on Commercials & Movies. Photographers usually offer to take a shot so when I'm not busy in the Studio, I do step out and do that."

Ebako has been composing/writing music since he was 8 years old!!...It's been 5 years since he decided to take things to the next level as he figured out how to express himself through music. In his own words
" I'm the kind of guy who always has a lot to say so music helps me express that. What you hear from me in my music is what it far as my personal life is concerned!!"
Keeping it real huuuh!!
He went on to tell us about when he realized he could rap.......

"Once I did my Track called "Struggle" where I pretty much wrote everything I needed to write about Africa then Converted the message to fit the beat. That was many years ago...."

MB; who is/are your inspiration?

Ebako: pretty much I grew up Listening to different types of Artist like Fugees, Eminem, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, Tupac, Jay-Z, R-Kelly and many more. My modern day favorite artist now will be Future, Drake, Rick Ross & Jay-Z"....

MB; your very first performance

Ebako: My very first performance was three years ago at a Fund Raiser. Performed "Struggle" and things took off...!!

MB: who is your favorite artist/musician?(in Africa, in Cameroon, and just generally?)

Ebako: My favorite musician/Artist  is Future. There are a lot of Talented Cameroonian artist here in the U.S. and Europe but I don't have a Specific favorite.

MB: if you had to do a duet with one artist who will you choose?(same question for Camer artist, who will you choose?)

Ebako: In America I'll do a track with Future, Drake or Miguel
In Cameroon, Jovi, Stanley Enow, H Bolo and Magasco. Those are the few good ones we hear about here in the U.S.
Well, I can only imagine a track featuring Ebako and all those he named above!!!....that will be explosive!!

MB; tell us about your recent and future projects (if any)

Ebako: Next year I'm Releasing my Next Mix tape "Camerican Idol" What I do is.. I release singles every 2 months just for my fans to listen to then Once they get to 10, I combine them and drop a Nation Wide mix tape.

Ebako; I'm a full time Artist. Do shows and Promotions for a living. My goal is to put Cameroon on the map when it comes to world wide Hip Hop. So I'll need all my Cameroonians to support. They can do so by Liking my facebook page follow me on twitter @ebako_e and of course instagram @ebako
 (spoken like a true Cameroonian!!!)

MB;what are your hobbies?

Ebako; When I'm free I like playing soccer, Play my favorite video game FIFA and just socialize with friends and meet new people.

MB: any advice for young (Cameroonian) artists who want to follow in your footsteps??

Ebako; Don't stop chasing your dreams. The hardest part is the beginning. Once you make it through that, things become much easier.

Anddddd.....Ladies......he's**wink**) (don't mind me!!)

Thanks for you time Ebako.........
And heyyy...y'all stay tuned for more on Camer entertainment.
It's MOnAT's blog.....
And we only bring you the best!!!!!!
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