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Star Spotlight: The Pbrodaz ( Done Friday, March 21, 2014)

Hello MB fans and readers...I'm pretty sure you all are ready for the weekend!! 

 Guess who else is ready for their big show for the weekend??...not this weekend but next weekend March the 29th, the Pbrodaz of Cameroon will be getting on stage with yet another big artist, Niaja's Davido!! 

Pbrodaz and Banky W.

Yes the Pbrodaz...they are busy

like that you know, when you are

good at what you do, people

always want more !!  But who are the Pbrodaz you may ask?

But I am sure

y'all already know who they are!!


Well if you don't, this is your chance to join the popular side and not be left out!!!...where these guys @ is where the party @!!!
Glow! by MOnAT got a chance to speak with the Pbrodaz recently, and they had a few things to share with their fans.
First off, I would like to mention that these guys are one of the finest Camer artists out in the U.S.
These guys put the "S" in SWAG!!

Read on to get to know them better... 

The group-Pbrodaz
We are Dexzy and Flexy , Pbrodaz, Originally from Cameroon now based in the USA.  People mistake us for two talented Individuals that came together, but we will like our fans to know we are not only a group but blood related brothers.
We  grew up in Cameroon and moved to the USA and now living our childhood dream of entertaining the world with real music.
 Our love for good music gave us the inspiration to write music about real life issues such as love, fight, social networks, fashion, struggles, hustles 


The name "Pbrodaz"
 P-Brodaz stands for Party Brothers. While growing up in Cameroon, we were known for always partying together so friends started calling us Party Brothers, hence the name P-Brodaz.

 Style of music
We are here to make music, be it dance hall, be it makossa, be it reggae, love slow songs, it doesn't matter to us. We just want the fans be happy and working hard for their satisfaction. Our music is mostly about day to day life, our real life experiences and how we grew up. We did not grow with a golden spoon like others, we struggled for our survival and our first hit single “Do it Your Way” simply relates to our true story but quite limited because we actually struggled more than hustled and we really don't know how we made it.
Collaborations (including recent hit song with Petit Pays)
We are not the best yet , and hoping to one day be. Now all we need to do is work with the best, in that we learn and improve and also benefit from their fans. One of our major collaborations is the one we just did with the king of Cameroon music Petit Pays Rabba Rabbi Efatta.
This collaboration is very special to us as we grew up looking up to this king Rabba Rabbi. His music is an inspiration to many Cameroonians.
Talking about this collabs, the song is titled "Kokoriko". it's currently making waves all over the world, and we think this might actually be our break through, that is the power of collaboration.
Work with the best and you get the best. Just to make mention Kokoriko is actually on constant rotation on trace africa, our first to future in that category. Recently we met up with Timaya and a hit song was produced by Yound D. "pbrodaz Sexy Nyango ft. Timaya". This is not public yet and it is one of the next two in line to be released.
look out cuz you will love it.
We spent two months in Nigeria August/sept 2013 working with some major names in Nigeria.While in Nigeria, we also worked with Nigeria's finest, Terry G,  "Pbrodaz Mbonte ft. Terry G' produced by Flyptice the man behind psquare "chop ma money" .
This song is actually a club banger,it was released and all the feedbacks were very positive. But what actually sells a song nowadays is the video, Sooner or later a magic video will be dropped.
We also have a collab in progress with super Flavour NAbania, this song "Pbrodaz Tom Tom" ft. Flavour" is produce by master-kraft. To round up out trip to Nigeria, we also worked with Clarence A. Peters, considered a big music video director in Africa.
He directed "Pbrodaz Fayo Koyo", I urge you all to check it out and see how good this music video director, Clarence A. Peters, is.

Future projects
Right now we want to surprise the fans.
 We have always announced  our releases, but this time, it's gonna be different. Like i said earlier ,we are working very hard, and our next video will be dropping not long from now  is going to be big!!
Artists you consider working with in the future

We are bent on putting Cameroon on to the African music map.
 This can't be possible without collaborating with other Cameroonian artists.
We have started with the king Petit Pays, and we will like to work with the likes of,just  to name a few, another king Ben Decca, Jovi, Magasco, Stanley, Denzyl, Elad, Museba and well, as long as you are a Cameroonian artist, we are interested in working with you. 

Advice to young artists

well to young artist, the fight is not easy , its' best to stay focused and not worry about distractions. In the early stages its always very very hard to get support from the public, but remember there's  always a break through. put all in The hands of God. do your part and He handles the rest. 
The Pbrodaz ,ladies and gents....
Thanks for the interview guys!!

Stay tuned for more interviews, music, movies and entertainment...
Cuz like BET, no one's got you like we got you!!

Just in case you are wondering why the's one of their latest music fact,  one of their bests...enjoy!!!

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