Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cameroonian singer Nafon spreads love with new release

Hello #glowers!

Here's some love for the #237!
Cameroonian born singer Nafon, recently released his soul touching single, "Love From Ma Pipo" in an attempt to resuscitate the dying patriotism plaguing the fatherland. Currently signed under 4Nix Entertainment, this contemporary artist thrills us with his soothing voice,  a melodic masterpiece,  a top notch lyrical fusion and then ices the cake with a brilliant video directed by Nkeng Stephen.

Being his second official release, it is no doubt that this artist is treading on the proverbial "unbeaten path" and will need the collective support of all Cameroonians to take this to new heights.  Spreading the love is of utmost importance,  and it begins with listening and sharing this release. Enjoy!


Twitter: @IAmNafon
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