Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Camers Brains: Meet The 9 year Old Cameroonian E-Teacher

I rarely watch the news but as I sat down to watch the midday news, I saw this kid talking on the TV with all confindent and boldness. Recently Cameroon has been having some Genius who are representing us all over the world in different leadership conferences and some even bring back awards. 

Charles Ngam Eboua is a nine year old genius who has been discovered by the Cameroonian Government due to his love for IT. The little genius who hails from the town of Ebolowa is an e-teacher who teaches 6 Cameroonian languages including; Fulfulde, Ewondo, Bamileke and more. And he's also a teacher of Zoology, Journalism just to name a few. Accroding to Charles he sits at home on his laptop or Ipad and learn some interesting things that are availble on the web for free, and this dude right here is perfectly BILINGUAL...


When he was asked what makes him angry or happy about children education in Cameroon, he said "What makes me angry is that the children don't want to learn new things, and as to what makes me happy is that Cameroonians youths are putting so much effort to go out there and show their talents.

The intelligent young teacher said he leaves Ebolowa to Yaounde to come give leasons when his connections are not good, but when I have good connecton I teach from home" Charles said.

When the Journalist further asked Charles what was his dream profession, he said, he want to become an entreprenuer but in the field of mechanical engineering cos he loves Engineering already. 
Indeed we have young Bill Gates coming all the way from Cameroon. Cameroon Obosso


  1. Very inspiring. Many young ones could learn a thing or two from him if gadgets don't mean playing games or free time means watching cartoons and movies. More Manyanga to your finger tips our youngest genius.

  2. Now that's something to brighten a day. Go Charles.

  3. Woww am just reading this now. To be honest this blog always brings something fresh and interesting to read. But we need more articles to keep us engaged. #MOnATFan

  4. This Lil boy is indeed a genius. I hope caner makes use of his brain lol. Nice blog guys