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Fashionista Guide 101 | Ten Wardrobe Basics Every Fashionista Should Have In Her Closet

Hi Glowers!
 it’s another new week and we are here to bring you some fashion tips  on what you need to add in your wardrobe this season.
The wet season is almost over (Camer weather) but  places are still a little chilled outside nowadays, but hey this doesn’t mean you have to wear some clompsy outfits everyday.  

Make this season  the most colorful and elegant and  it’s also the perfect time to revamp your closet and make choosing  everyday outfits a lot easier.

Here are a few trendy pieces worth adding to your style ordonance this season:

1. The Little Black Dress

Have you ever heard the saying which says "you can never go wrong with a lil black dress"? O yes this saying is so true;
 when it comes to wardrobe must haves; there’s no piece more flexible than a  lil black dress. Whether you’re going out on a date or just going out on a girly nite with friends, that lil black dress can work out magic

2. A bold blazer

Blazers are one of those pieces that every girl must have in their closets. Blazers go beyond the office, you can wear a blazer to a date  or even to fashion show. A black blazer can be great in any time but don't be afraid to add some colorful blazers to your closet. 

3. Stylish Flats

In as much as girls loves heels but having a break from heels isn’t a bad idea I guess. That’s  where stylish flats come in play ! Flats are a fashionable alternative and you can get away with flats for a fancy outings.

4. Statement Necklace
      A statement necklace adds excitement  to an otherwise  understated ensemble. Throw one on a t-shirt and jeans, for example and you’ve suddently got a street style-worthy look. You can also rev up the glam factor by pairing one with a formal dress or evening  wear.

    5.  Leather

       Leather is always trendy during the cold seasons since it keeps you warm and fashionable the whole day. Be it a leather skirt or a jacket adding a leather to your closet is a must have. A leather jacket instantly adds edgy vibe to anything you pair it up with, from skirts to legging to pants.

6. Skinny Jeans

     A great pair of skinny jeans is a sartorial gold.  From shirts, to sweats, to blazers, the styling of a skinny jeans are just so endless. The key is finding the most flattering wash and fit to complement your body structure.

7. A Pencil Skirt    

      Is it just me or does wearing a pencil skirt give you an instant confidence boost? The form-fitting accentuates your curves perfectly and can be styled in a variety of ways. I personally love a the contrast of a form-fitting pencil skirt with relaxed top, it’s casual but still stylish.
     8.     A white shirt

      With the weather being so unpredictable lately, a pair of white shirt serves as the perfect transition piece throughout the season. And it can be worn with a pretty much anything. A blouse takes the sophistication up a notch while a basic tee does adds  a comfy vibes

9.      An Everyday bag

A day bag is definitely that one thing every fashionista must have; Having a day bag serves for all purpose every day. Buy one in a neutral and make sure it can hold everything you need from your make up cases to planners? 

10.  Own a print


These days your wardrobe just isn’t complete without a few selection of some classy Ankara pieces in your closet. Prints do not only have a wide range of designs but  also have different beautiful and bold range of colors. so adding some prints to your closet  wouldn’t be a bad try. Be it a print blazer or a mini skirt or a dress... that will  pop out the trendiness in you this season. 

Tell us what you think about these  wardrobe must have pieces for this season 

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