Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Fashionista Of The Week | Reneta Ndisang


Hi my lovely Glowers lets start this Beautiful Wednesday on a brighter note, Glow is all about the brighter side of life any way. If you're a fashionista like us here then you need to grab your fashion book cos you might just add some of these stylish pieces to your fashion arsenal.


 Our Fashionista of the week  is the beautiful, talented, elegant and the ever smiling Reneta Ndisang, I really don't want to add the last name cos its like a sentence lol (wink)
Reneta Ndisang is the founder and creatice Director of her own clothing line Mareta West which is  a female fashion line which deals haute couture dresses. It is a classic brand with eco-friendly designs.


The blogger and fashion designer recently started a page called what i wear before Christmas, to her she started wearing her own design because "I had complex of myself, I felt I was too fat and not confident, I also felt I was that ugly and no matter what i wear I won't fit in. I had people asking me why i have been so messy in my dressing? many people approached me to ask the same questions about my dressing. Some will even ask why I make beautiful dresses for people but I don't wear them." Reneta said

When I asked her to describe her sense of fashion, she said "I am an haute couture freek, so my fashion sense is more of the high fashion. I love crazy things, I love to dare alot in fashion and am not afraid anything in as much it's stylish edgy and glamorous," she continued.

From haute couture to casuals, this stylista can do it all. She Loves colors and she always tries to include print in all her pieces.
We love this fashionista cos she knows what it means to be dynamic and when it comes to her dressing code she knows no bounderies

Photo credit: Reneta Ndisang
Designers: Mareta West and Sandy Dynamics

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  1. Mareta u deserve such recognition and much more....u will definitely be my styliste ....keep up
    #tancho zinky#

  2. Brilliant scintilating designs Reneta, so refreshing !
    I hope in time you get the recognition you deserve.............

  3. I love her outfits and she is super good. With time this young lady will be celebrated.