Monday, 14 September 2015


Hi Glowers we’re here to pour our confession body and soul. Our Man Crush Monday is all about David Nso because we love men with packs. The NsoXperience!!


How do we love thee? Lets count the reasons why…
Let’s be Real, Nso  you’re just so damn easy to love. No lady will disagree with me on this.
You’re undeniably noticeable; you’re the perfect male specimen, with unavoidably good looks, tamed charisma to spare, Muscular definition, intellectual and positive outlook on life.  We’re not sure if it’s because of his abs or the way he helps others but his too hot to us. We can’t contain our love for you any more, you’ve taken our breath away. We love David Nso way more than just five reasons but here’s just a few

He’s got great abs

                                                                      Image result for david nso model 

David Nso has his own Life mantra

 David is not only a model, actor or a fitness trainer, he has a very positive outlook about life. Being an inspirational fitness trainer too many, made him to come out with the NsoXperience project which brings out the Best in you.


David the model
David has also graced the runway for high profiled designers like Gucci, Sean John, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren as well as his noticeable appearance on the runway of VH1  “Rock Your Fashion” and  the BET rip the runway show was indeed a plus for David as he showed his abs in a swimming suit. We know you can’t stop staring -neither can we my friend…


David Nso is so into Giving back

We admire David for his charity work, his one of those finest
Cameroonian brothers who knows how to give a helping hand to the needy, despite his status his always remembers to go back to his roots. He gets A+ for charity on our list


His smile

David’s smile is contagious, just looking at his photo just made me smile, O did we say he has a soft and  pink lips to die for? O yes he has u can see for yourself.



David is so hot hot hot.
I know we said five yeah, but David makes us swoon when his shirtless

#MCM. We got your back here bro.

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