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Meet The Brain Behind One Of Cameroon's Most Innovative Fashion House EB Kreations

Each time I do an interview with such big names on the camer fashion industry, immidiately I put my fashion hats on, open my ears so my pinas can captivate all the fashion inspiration and inturn bring to you our readers the very best of fashion interviews in camer. EB Kreations is not a new name for those who love wearing designs made by Cameroonian for Cameroonian. I had a chit chat with EB; who is the founder and creative director of the clothing label EB Kreations, she tells us all about herself and the much talked about new collection "CONTRI" 


1. Please tell  us who is Ebangha Nkwanyuo?
Hmmm Ebangha Christy Nkwanyuo is young Cameroonian woman who hails from Manyu division,born in yaounde grew up in a limbe.from a family of 3girls.

2. What sparked your interest in fashion? 
Well as a little girl, I was usually busy picking pieces of fabric from a neighbour who was a tailor. My mum is a business woman, she buys embroided outfits and fabrics from cotonou. She will bring the left over fabrics and scarfs and ask me to take to my tailor friends to make what ever I wanted. During my school days I will draw my own styles and even take my friends to tailors.all the young tailors in Limbe were my friends.i will spend hrs at their workshops learning.After University securing a job was‎ hard and so my passion became my source of income.

What does fashion means to you?
Fashion to me ‎is a life style. 



What made you take fashion more seriously and make a career out of it?
Sometimes, I'm left to think being a fashion designer wasn't really a choice, it was more of a natural takeover.
How  and when did you start your clothing label EB Kreations?
I can't remember how and when I started EB Kreations. "Chaumage" had a better part of me. During this period I was still spending time at my friends workshop and dashing in and out of my sisters house in douala doing inter town petit trade. My friends will advise why not turn this to serious business an din 2013 I found a name and a logo to the business and the rest is history.

How has your work evolved since you began your label?
I think my work gets better with time; generally the quality of my work keeps improving I must admit. Sometimes I'm stunned by the outcome.

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?
Being a fashion designer I have the liberty to play with patterns and fabrics.I can conveniently sketch 9 designs and design to work with any of them rather than a regular tailor who has specific patterns ‎to make.

You recently released the contri collection? Was it a difficult thing to do?
EB Kreations Contri Collection is one of my dreams that has been realised.It wasnt a difficult collection to come up with,i guess its because of the clients I had in mind.I aimed at making Toghu outfit for young,exposed,vibrant,classy young Cameroonians

Many people hardly use the fabrics you used for this collection, what were your inspiration?
I have always known that culture and fashion are interconnected.I had a burden to synchronize the two.I have been working with fabrics from West A frica since I started business because of their great quality,colours and patterns but I still had this burden to promote my true identity as a Cameroonian afterall everyone knows im African.i wanted to be a proudly Cameroonian collection.Toghu happens to be the only fabric associated to Cameroon.I was worried about the quality‎ of CICAM fabrics so I decided to use plain cotton,spandex and french crepe.

How did you select the materials to use?
Hahhaha."contri closs".i knew lots of young ladies will rather die than wear toghu but I also knew these same young people are longing for a sense of belonging,looking for their true identity as Cameroonians and I concluded only Toghu can fill the gap

Were the materials difficult to work with?
Well I got all fabrics from Douala, it wasn't a problem collecting the fabrics. I'm a sucker for good quality african prints with goemetric patterns‎.its adds lustre to my outfits.
How do you in turn to make an impact about this collection in Cameroon and beyond?
Im hoping that before the year ends every proud Cameroonian no matter what region they come from will own a piece of clothing made with Toghu in her wardrobe and that eventually every Cameroonian fashion designer will have atleast a Toghu collection.Generally I intend to globalise Toghu.

What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed your work?
I love beautiful fabrics especially ones with geometric patterns, they make my work much easier.

What is the biggest lessons you have learnt since you started designing?
Well there isn't anything like a biggest lesson for me because life itself is a school. I learn everyday. I can't quantify these lessons though some have been more helpful.


What are your plans for the future?
Ahh future plans, Ive got many but I just live one day at a time and  working hard

Wht advice would you give to young designers
 I will advise my fellow designers to concerntrate on the finishing of the outfits.every client is keen about that and for them to stay true to their signature.That is what makes you stand out.
      Thank you
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Photo credit: Core5Media
MakeUp: Muenge for Zaron
Stylist: Ebangha Nkwanyuo


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