Monday, 7 September 2015

Meet The Girl Who killed Her Twin Babies (Graphic photos)

Wonders they say shall never end, Last weekend two babies were discoverd in a plastic bag by a lady in a certain neighborhood in Douala.

The mother of the baby whose name is Renee is a 21 years old student who gave birth to a set of twins then put them in a bag to be thrown in a toilet.

The Babies mama

The young mum soffocated her own babies to death then wrapped them in a plaltic and forced the dead bodies of the babies in a pit toilet with the help of a stick. To her she never wanted to miss Class for this school year.
But unfortunately a lady discovered  the bodies  of the dead babies

So sad. It gives us a lot to think about. LIFE IS PRECIOUS...DON'T WASTE IT!


  1. Oh my days, now a mother of dead children.. Can someone inquire what led her to do this other than her studies? Was she raped? How come people didn't know she was pregnant?

    1. It's just so sad. Hopefully we are able to get the full story.