Tuesday, 29 September 2015

President Of the Senate Dinnes With The Female Basket Ball Team

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The President of the senate;  Marcel Niat Njifenji and wife today received the Lioness of the basket ball team for a peivate dinner at his home. This dinner was organised in order to encourage the Lioness for their great performances at the on going female AfroBasketball 2015competition in Yaounde. So far the Lioness has being brilliant in their games as they had all their matches. The senate president thought it wise to congratulates the girls by giving them a treat despite their busy schedule.


The Lioness being at the top of the tournament really do deserves this treat. After winning their match yesterday with Gabon, we only wait for more from these amazing and talented ladies. Kudos to the senate president for such a great idea. Good luck to the Lionesse's for their upcoming games!

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