Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Style Inspiration: Love For The Dress

Hello #glowers and fashionistas!

It's about that time for some style inspiration and today we are featuring Shalanda, aslo known as Shasie; founder emeritus of the 'Houston Fashion Bloggers' group.

Shasie is a fashion expert, blogger, style editor, and an engineer. She is bold, beautiful, confident, and when it comes to fashion and style, she definitely knows a thing or two...or more!

With her knowledge and love for fashion, coupled with the experience she has gained from working with many fashion experts and attending numerous fashion shows, Shasie is in a pretty good position to give fashion advice.

It's sometimes a struggle to find that perfect dress, and once you find it, how to style it becomes the next problem!

Well, here are 5 different ways Shasie wore her dresses

(photo credits: All photos from 'Live Life in Style')



For more style and fashion inspiration, you can visit Shasie's website HERE HERE HERE .

You can also follow her on twitter HERE , and facebook HERE .

Join Shasie and live your life in style!

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