Monday, 21 September 2015

Style Inspiration: Love For The Skirt

Hello #glowers!
Today we have something special for all our #skirtLovers featuring our very own Taylor Brione.

Taylor is the Co-Chair of the Houston Fashion Bloggers team.
She is also a Social Media-Lite : Event Planner by Day, Social Media Maven by Night,Lover of Pink, Sparkles, and Dresses, Feminist, Reality TV Expert and Pop Culture Fiend.
Taylor has a lot of experience in so many areas when it comes to fashion, entertainment, social media and a lot more.
Today, we are sharing 5 ways Taylor styled and wore her skirts. Taylor is actually a #dressGirl, meaning she absolutely loves wearing dresses, but she wears other outfit too, and does an excellent job at styling them!
From a survey we did, turns out many girls prefer wearing a dress 80% of the time, simply because they think it's a lot easier to deal with one piece of clothing even though styling becomes an issue.
Most of the ladies said when you get a skirt, you now have to start worrying about what top to wear, and now you are dealing with more colors to match etc...etc...!
Well here are a few ways Taylor wore her skirts...hope this inspires you some!
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