Wednesday, 30 September 2015

What Happened To Our Traditional Heritage?

Am proudly Cameroonian and am proud to say i love my Cameroonian heritage and culture. If there's one thing I respect most about our Cameroonian culture espcially those in the Westen regions, it's how they keep their tradition and they are known for being the culture lovers of Cameroon. Seeing these images on the media for the past few days I have being murmuring to myself if this is a kind of cultural giveaways or political or may be just us loosing our cultural heritage to our colonial masters?

Hmmmm so the Amassador of France to Cameroon visited Bangante and she was  ennobled by 8 Elites of the NDE Division. This must be the practice of many kingdoms in Cameroon selling their pride and dignity to the foreigners in the name of high profiled personality visiting them to discuss the good of their communies. This has made me to belief that our tradition is loosing its significance, it's uniqueness and our culture is fast fading away. I ask does  she really desrved all these?

Like my french brothers will say " Quand la franceafrique formate les cerveaux de certains de nos chef traditionels." Our traditional rulers have become a point  It's really a shame to the Bamileke tradition and Cameroon in general. How do you call this my people?

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  1. So from Bangante to Mankon? I thought it happened only in Mankon. Hmmm we need to take stock or we end up loosing the little that remains as our pride! Loving your blog will be stopping by regularly.