Wednesday, 28 October 2015

#237 Designer Spotlight: 5 Good Reasons to Own a Sandy Dynamics Piece

Hello there #glowing fashionistas!

It's about time we take #AfricanFashion to another level and we've got just the right designer, with the right attitude to do that!

I would love to say"...introducing...", but y'all already know her on our blog, but we can't talk about her enough!

Once more, meet the lovely Miss Sandrine, a.k.a. Miss Sandy Dynamics... a beauty queen, designer, and fashion lover extraordinaire!

Well it's no secret we (here on Glow MOnAT) are huge fans, but then I finally got one of her gorgeous designs and I honestly think if you don't own a piece, then you are missing out on looking breath-taking!

Here are 5 reasons to #OwnAsandyDpeice...

It's affordable:
Miss Sandy Dynamics pieces are very affordable. Sometimes, you will have to "rob a bank" to buy Ankara designs, but not these pieces! In her designs, you can stand out in a crowd without having to break the bank!

It's elegant:
There are few outfits that just automatically change how you feel and Sandy Dynamics designs will definitely give you that feeling. The elegance is second to none!

It's trendy:
It's the preferred brand of our #237celebs, movie stars, beauty queens...etc. Everyone is rushing to get theirs! Don't be the last!

Miss World Cameroon 2015 in SD piece

Cameroonian star actress wearing SD pieces on set

Miss World Cameroon- preferred designer @SD

There's something for the guys too:
You want one for yourself but what about your #Betterhalf? Well, Sandy Dynamics got you covered!

It comes highly recommended  by GLOW MOnAT and the people love it!


We all love beautiful things, and dear readers, we won't fail to share something exquisite when we find it!

AT in  @SD (Discovery Green park-Downtown, Houston, Texas)

From Douala, to Europe, to the U.S.A...Please hurry now...go get yours! What are you waiting for?!

Visit their facebook page: Miss Sandy Dynamics HERE HERE HERE for contact info.

Let's trend this!... tag your photos wearing a Sandy Dynamics design with the hashtag #OwnAsandyDpiece to be featured throughout November, on twitter, facebook and Instagram.

We only bring you the very best..

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