Thursday, 22 October 2015

A Plumber opens blocked drainpipe & discovers foetus wrapped in Newspaper pages

Please these photos are graphic!


What the heck is happening in this planet called earth? A local plumber said he was called to a house in Magazyn Street, Polokwane, SA, on Friday, October 16, to inspect a blocked drainpipe. He opened it and discovered a human foetus.The foetus is believed to have been flushed down a toilet.

Polokwane police spokesperson, Capt Ntobeng Phala, said they are investigating a case of concealment of birth. The plumber, who spoke to Review on the basis of anonymity, said:
"I opened the drain and found there was something caught in the entrance of the pipe and proceeded to pull it. Upon closer inspection I realised it was a human foetus,"
The Northern Upper Town (NUT) community policing forum (CPF) assisted the plumber and residents of the house until the police arrived. Capt Phala has urged anyone with information to contact the Polokwane police station.
Wondes shall never end oo, hmmm
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