Friday, 2 October 2015

Complete List of Ministers | Biya Reshuffles Cabinet

Finally finally Popo has released the long awaited BOMB. Today October 2, 2015 the Government has been reamanitated with the appointment of new ministers. We're happy about this but why are the old people still futuring lol. And the  Arts and culture Boss lady Ama TUTU Muna left the building, Bapes Bapes and Essimi Menye were equally dragged out of the govenment.
Below is the full list of the Cabinet shakeup

  • Alain Mebe Ngo'o: Minister of transport
  • Joseph Beti Assomo: Minister delegate in charge of defense
  •  Louis Paul Motaze: Minister of Planning and Regional development
  •  Bidoung Mpkat: Minister. Of sports
  •  Mbella Mbella Le Jeune: Minister of External relations
  •  Ayissi Eyebe: Minister of  Agriculture and rural development
  • Li Likeng Donfack: Minister of post and telecommunications
  • Nganou Ndjoumessi: Minister of Public works
  •  Mbah Acha née Fomundam Rose Ngwari: Minister delegate in charge of state audits
  •  Mouelle Kombi: Minister of arts and culture
  •  Pauline Ongene: Minister of social affairs
  •  Jean Ernest Ngalle: Minister of secondary education
  • Mounouna Foutso: Minister of youth and civic education
  •  Paul Elung: Minister delegate in the Ministry of Finance
  • Fouda Seraphine Magloire: Secretary General at Pm's office
  •  Pascal Nguihi Kamte: Assistant Secretary General at Pm's office
  • Dieudonné Samba: Special adviser at the Presidency


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