Friday, 2 October 2015

Event This Weekend | Bloggers Forum Douala

For the past few years, blogging has automatically become known in Cameroon and youths spend most of their time writting and creating blogs from controversial to entertaining or health blogs. This tradition of blogging has been embrassed by many young Cameroonians despite that only 5% of Cameroonians are on socail media but blogs lovers in Camer still find time to follow up on common interests. With so much questions surrounding this new sytem of information to Cameroonians some youths have made blogging their main source of income while others still find what can be done to make their blogs succeed like others.

The first ever bloggers forum debuts in douala tomorrow at Star Land Hotel. This forum which is aimed at discussing the future of Cameroonians bloggers, discovering blogging in cameroon and its benefits, panel discussion with top influencial bloggers and many more activities concerning blogging will be discussed at the event.
  If you are an aspiring blogger, or you want to step your blog to a better and more exposed platform, then make it a date tomorrow at the Star Land Hotel Bonapriso. Do not miss this gathering of great brains and talented young media entrepreneurs in the making/



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