Monday, 5 October 2015

Make A Statement In These Fabulous Pieces By OZI| See Their New Collection "AMAZING"

Appreciate good things when you see one. Am loving the way the Cameroonian designers have started using our own home made fabrics to make statement pieces which is being admired by many and celebrated by fashion designers all over the world. We have watched the brand "OZI" create great statement pieces and how they have evolved gloriously from one beautiful collection to the other.

OZI is a clothing label created by the MUA Extra-ordinaire Anyi Asonganyi who is the founder and creative director of OZI. Their new collection "AMAZING"is a collection that isn't aimed at changing your whole closet but topping it up a notch with a tint of African print to give you an outstanding look so much so that, when anyone looks at you their compliment is "Wow! you look "AMAZING" With bold statement pieces on elegant male and female silhouettes, there is nothing we don't love about this collection. They're offereing ankara and stripped fabrics on tops, dresses, skirts with tulle detailing, clutches, bags and a lot more. OZI makes mixing and matching prints looks so good!

We're going to let the pieces speak for themselves, but be sure to tell us what you think.



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