Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Visit Sankara's Kitchen: Sese Plantains Deluxe

Hello dearest #glowers!

Today on #237cuisine, our beloved #ChefTina is leaving her kitchen to a guy!...There's only one guy she can trust enough and that's non other than Camer's celeb chef @Cyril 'Sankara' Nambangi...if you haven't heard about him, then it's a good thing you stopped by  today...cuz you are about to discover something #special!


Cyril is a multitalented film maker and fashionista, in addition to being a seasoned chef.

I got to meet him this past weekend, and while I can go on and on talking about him, it's the video I really want y'all to see!

Did you learn something?...Like it? Well, there's more on youtube! Don't forget to subscribe to their channel and follow him on twitter @Cyril Nambangi @NambangiBrothas to stay updated on upcoming projects.

I wonder what we'll be cooking next on #237cuisine?!...stay tuned!

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