Tuesday, 17 November 2015

#MCM : Crushing on the #King

Hello dearest #glowers!

Yes we know it's Tuesday but when you are crushing hard on the #King, you probably want the world to know! (Wink).
We have been consistent with our #WCW this month, but hey, what about #MCM?!
This week on MOnAT #MCM, "we be crushing" on the #king @Stanley Enow! Yes THE STANLEY ENOW!

 There's an 80-90% chance you already know or at least heard of him, if not then you can google him (after reading our post of course...wink)


Stanley Enow is a multitalented, multi award winning rapper from Cameroon.

Stanley is humble, God fearing, motivational, with a heart of gold. He is loved by the people and one of the most eligible bachelors in the nation right now...yes I said it!

He is a hardworking Cameroonian who has refused to limit himself. Stanley owns his own clothing line and is a successful businessman. He is super eloquent, a gentlemen, and he has got the looks to go with it! No wander the ladies love him! And no surprise we are crushing on him!


When you talk like a star, walk like a star, and act like a star, guess what???...YOU ARE A STAR!

Stanley has collaborated with some big names in the African music industry like Sarcodie, and Tuface Idibia, just to name a few. He has also collaborated with international stars like Nyanda from the Jamaican duo 'Brick and Lace".


On that note, we are going to let you enjoy his music...
You can also keep up with him on facebook HERE HERE HERE

And subscribe to his YouTube channel for official videos of more of his songs.

Ain't you curious to find out who we will be crushing on next week? Can they top this? Well, Stay tuned!
We only bring you the very best..

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