Wednesday, 11 November 2015

#WCW: Cameroonian Actress Beatrice Nwana

Hello lovely #glowers!
I's been one full week! But no worries...we won't disappoint!(wink)
Today, as promised, we are crushing on another one of our Camer actresses in the diaspora @Beatrice Nwana. This month is dedicated to our #237 actresses in the diaspora.

Beatrice is a #237beauty with brains who has a passion for acting.
Based in the U.S.A Beatrice has featured in many movies such as 'Everything Unholy'; 'The Flaw'; 'Weeping Arches'; 'Unusual Twist'; 'Ndolo and the senator'; etc.
She is a friendly, beautiful, and hardworking lady following her passion and dream, and our #WCW today! It was a pleasure to meet her.
We are looking forward to see more of Beatrice in the next few months and we can't wait to see her next project...
Now, who will we be crushing on next Wednesday?...stay tuned to find out!!!
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