Wednesday, 18 November 2015

#WCW : Yvonne Jolie

Hello there lovely #glowers!

Like we promised, this month is dedicated to our actresses in the diaspora!

Today we are crushing on a lady who represents style, class, elegance, talent, and most of the #GreenRedYellow...#237 actress @Yvonne Jolie based in the U.S.A.

Yvonne is not your everyday girl!...She is hardworking, a go-getter following her passion and living her dream! It was a pleasure to meet her recently.


She is a fun-loving and motivational individual.

Yvonne is an award winning actress, particularly known for her roles in the movies;
Nollywood: The Brat; African Time; Bloodline Battle; Pound of Flesh; The Flaw; BLEACH; SWAP.

Hollywood TV Series: Starvation (aired on TNT); Frankenstein(aired on Fox TV); and Dreams Deferred.

Nomination: Best Supporting Actress (The Flaw); Best Producer of the Year (The Flaw);

Award Won: Best Supporting Actress

In addition to her acting talent, She is a fashion designer whose designs are second to none. Yvonne stuns in everything she wears, especially when she is rocking her own designs such as in the photos bellow! #Bhywlas Couture



As you can see, she is always #RedCarpetReady! You can be read carpet ready too!! Just visit her website HERE HERE HERE .

You can also find her on facebook HERE and don't forget to like her official facebook page HERE 

So the last Wednesday of the month is next week...who will be our last (but not least) actress to be featured from the diaspora list? Stay tuned to find out.

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